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If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Kiesel Software products, please fill you this form.

In the "Additional information" field please tell us more about your company. Are you a distribution network, one or more musical instrument store, mail order store, online store or other.

When you submit this form you will receive an automatic email from element5 with a reseller ID. Note that this ID and your account will not be activated right away. First Kiesel Software will contact you by email to verify your registration and manage other reseller issues. When that is finished your account will be activated and you can start ordering using our web store.
Reseller registration for Kiesel Software
Register as a reseller with "Kiesel Software". This will enable you to quickly and easily place online orders for your customers for products by "Kiesel Software". As a reseller, you can log in to the publisher's website without having to re-enter your personal information for every order. In addition, you can benefit from special purchasing terms and conditions, if these are granted by "Kiesel Software".
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