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Any business or person can benefit from the use of a carefully crafted mission statement and a clear and inspiring vision statement. Order your copy NOW! If for any reason you are not completely delighted in 60 days just notify us and you will receive 100% of your investment back.
Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To A Successful Business Future
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Leaders, Owners, Managers, and Individuals -- learn how to create and use mission and vision statements to build success. This e-book is easy to use, contains valuable knowledge and gives clear exercises and examples. All for only $25 -- Order NOW!

"My purpose with this e-book is to allow everyone to discover their mission in life and their vision for the future. My vision is that over one million people will discover their true purpose and desired future; the result will be an improved world!"
Don Midgett, Author

"Our company has benefited greatly since the inception of the mission statement. Every company, family, couple or individual should have one. I can't stress that strongly enough."
Steve Solomon, CEO, GTO Financial

"This mission and vision process, with service as a foundation, would lead business owners to transformative business practices and visionary business performances."
Dr. Curtis Brooks, Professor of Business Ethics, Old Dominion University

"The process in "Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To A Successful Business Future" is organized and methodical. Using the model and suggestions in the book helped us in framing our mission. It became easier to define market products and understand the cost of not operating a visionary, market driven company."
Anne Sych, Marketing Manager, Novo Solutions, Inc

I sat down to begin the exercises in "Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To A Successful Business Future" and before I knew it, there it was -- my mission and vision statements. With these statements, I feel I now have a roadmap and springboard for accomplishment, a real focal point for action."
Alan "Skip" Lepp, Nikken Wellness Consultant

"This is exactly the type of guidance and assistance we needed for both ourselves and our future leaders. Thanks for making it concise, readable and especially easy."
Sherry Morrison, Certified Public Accountant

"I have been disappointed with a lot of online e-books I have purchased but this e-book has a lot of content for the price."
Jeff Pearson, Business Owner

Sold and used in over 30 countries - now is the time to create or update your mission statement and vision statement

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If in 60 days you aren't completely satisfied with Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future, we'll cheerfully refund the purchase price. No questions asked.  Just .