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O&O Defrag 6.5 Professional Edition (Single User License) O&O Defrag 6.5 Professional Edition
Unit Price:   USD 44.90 
Total:   USD 44.90
 Info includes 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 44.90: USD 0.00
Delivery:   License key
Platform:   Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Language:   English, German
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O&O Defrag V6.5 Professional Edition

O&O Defrag V6.5 is the new generation of the successful O&O Defrag. With minimum effort, achieve maximal performance with your hardware - it's easy, quick and safe. It only takes a few mouse clicks to set up all necessary properties. From now on, O&O Defrag V6.5 makes sure that your system performance remains at its highest level.

O&O Defrag V6.5 solves performance and stability problems due to fragmentation of hard drives. Saving, modifying and deleting files lead them to be separated into multiple single fragments which are distributed over the hard drive. This fragmentation is the main cause of performance loss under Windows. Since hard drives are the slowest component in computers anyway, it is particularly important to optimize them.

These substantial performance gains save time and money which makes O&O Defrag the most important software tool for optimized Windows performance according to experts and customers.

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