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This information is a quick and enjoyable read to help you develop your meeting skills and provide you with easy to use tools to successfully complete your meetings. If for any reason you are not completely delighted in 60 days just notify us and you will receive 100% of your investment back.
Effective Meetings & Meeting Facilitation
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This material will help you:
Make meetings more productive
Get action
Cut meeting costs
Save time
Improve communications
Plan effectively
Follow up for results
Maintain control
Develop an effective agenda
Hold fewer meetings

“This e-book has a lot of content for the price.”
George Murphy, Business Owner

“It helped give me more credibility with the people I worked with and more cooperation from them – a great win-win situation.”
Stan Hakes, Public Works Director

If you aren't completely satisfied with Effective Meetings & Meeting Facilitation, we'll cheerfully refund the purchase price. No questions asked.  Just .