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Betriebssystem:   Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   6.1
Sprache:   Englisch
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File Recover is a safe, affordable and easy-to-use file recovery solution, designed to recover and restore deleted files from hard drives, floppies and other types of fixed media.

File Recover allows you to recover critically important documents or other files, which have been lost by accidental deletion from Windows and the Recycle Bin. Although the Windows Recycle Bin is a useful mechanism for recovering deleted files, it can rapidly consume valuable drive space. Furthermore, critical files may be lost by emptying the Recycle Bin, or using other deletion actions that bypass the Recycle Bin such as the Windows Shift-Delete function, command line deletion, deleting excessively large files or using applications that delete files without the Recycle Bin.

When a file is removed from the Recycle Bin or bypasses it upon deletion, the Windows operating system itself can no longer recover the file. However, the content of the file still remains on the drive, relatively intact, until the section of the drive it occupies is overwritten by another file.

File Recover identifies the contents of such lost files on the hard drive and allows you to recover them, or what is left of them. If such a file is recoverable but has been partially overwritten, File Recover attempts to reconstruct the file with the remaining contents.