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Creature Labs
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Creature Lab is a program to create any kind of objects by using predefined object parts. The user can customize the projects by using a simple treeview or create a totally new project type, for example spacecrafts. New is also the support for import and export plugins that makes it possible for developers to easy add support for any type of object format to the program. The program has lots of new objects and will be able to handle the objects from Creature Creator. Other new features in the program: * Support for more export formats; 3ds, obj, lwo and cob * Side views of the object(s) * And many other things You also have the ability to add more parts into the library, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. Theres no limitations or restrictions for "positioning" the different body parts, for example you may add a human torso on a horse body instead of the horse neck, or make a siamesic twin by adding two human torsos, joined by the shoulder. You are also allowed to make a connection chain, or chain of objects, as long as you want, by connecting a sertain amount of arms toghether, or what ever part, as long as the object has a free connection area. See characters from the gallery

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