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InfoZoom Light Edition

Zoom in & find it out

InfoZoom is an intelligent tool that allows you to quickly analyze and display large amounts of data in an easy-to-understand format.

InfoZoom Light Edition uses InfoZoom files (*.fox, *.fop) and reads ASCII files (*.txt, *.csv) as well as Excel files. It can handle up to 65,536 data records (InfoZoom Professional handles up to 20 million, RAM permitting.).

What Makes InfoZoom Different:

Even large quantities of data are no problem for InfoZoom. It makes the data easy to understand at a glance by combining and sorting the contents of individual cells, so there's no need to bother with scrolling back and forth. Just click on the data you want to zoom in on and in seconds you'll find the information that you really need.

Where InfoZoom Can Help You:

InfoZoom knows virtually no limits when it comes to applications. It can help you comb through a digital product catalog, create a catalog of your CD/DVD collection, manage your address book, do your personal finances, analyze your phone bill, scan the inventory on hand at a company or evaluate controlling data. No matter where you need it, InfoZoom is always quick and easy to use.

It's Easy to Use InfoZoom:

You don't need high-level IT skills, nor do you need to know any script or query languages. The navigation emulates that of a standard web browser; you can undo any action with the click of a mouse. Convenient reporting features are also included that summarize analysis results in diagrams or lists.

Other Product Variants

InfoZoom Professional, Business Edition and Explorer, the "business solutions", give you access to relational and multidimensional data sources as well as ERP or human-resource systems (ODBC, OLE DB, native interfaces). If you only want to read InfoZoom files, but don't want to change them, the free InfoZoom Viewer is the right solution for you (much like Adobe Reader is to Adobe Acrobat). It gives you the ability to view others' data for free, making it a perfect way to disseminate information.

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