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Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile
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USD 29.99
Delivery:   License key
Platform:   Win CE / Pocket PC
Version:   5.1.61
Language:   English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Compatible devices:   Windows Mobile 5 or later
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Welcome to the world’s first social media browser!

What's a social media browser? Think of it as a media center, but for your phone instead of a PC. Now, add deep connections to your favorite social networking and social media sites. Finally, add smart ways to browse, search and share content, and wrap it all up in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

Kinoma Play all you need to find, play and share video, audio and pictures — whether they're on your favorite web sites and social networks, your home PC, or your phone. It's the best way to play video, music, podcasts, radio, pictures and webcams on mobile today.

Description (Features):

  • Incredible value — Finally! No need to waste money buying a pile a separate apps that don't play well together — Kinoma Play is the COMPLETE mobile media center for your phone.

  • YouTube — Kinoma Play is the best way to YouTube on your phone, the world’s largest social video site. Play video (up-to-PC-quality!), upload, browse, search, favorite, rate, comment, share and more.

  • Twitter [new!] — Forget about apps that just do Twitter, because Kinoma Play does it better. Update your status, tweet about music, videos and podcasts you love, and photo-blog your day with built-in TwitPic integration. Use built-in social search to see what the world’s saying about breaking news...or you!

  • Facebook [new!] — The world’s largest social network is also the world’s largest photo sharing site, and Kinoma Play is now the easiest, most convenient way for users to update their status and instantly share the pictures that tell the story of their life.

  • [new!] — Automatically “scrobble” your music to share it on the world's best social music site. Browse artist bios and pictures, find more artists like the ones you love, and connect with what your friends are listening to.

  • MobiHand Store [new!] —With Kinoma Play's Mobihand Store app, you can buy Windows Mobile apps, check out screenshots and YouTube video demos before you buy, and even download free trials.

  • Cloud media playback & sharing [new!] — Get 1GB of cloud storage free from Box-dot-net when you sign up in Kinoma Play — that's enough space for over 250 songs! Stream your own media from the cloud, easily move media between your PC and phone, and share with friends.

  • Kinoma Guide — It's what the mobile industry calls a "built-in content discovery system". We call it the "best of the web" on your phone. You’ll call it the quickest, easiest way to get on-demand access to terabytes of podcasts, music, audiobooks, streaming radio stations, webcams, and more. Plus, no monthly fees!

  • Your favorite brands — Built-in support for Audible audiobooks, ClearChannel radio (iHeartRadio), Facebook, Flickr, Forbes, iDisk,, Live365, SHOUTcast, CNN, MobiHand, NPR, Orb, Picasa, (The Stream Center), Twitter, YouTube and more.

  • Stream from home – Install Orb (free!) on your home PC or media server to play your music, video, podcasts and pictures on-demand, wherever you are.

  • My Media — Of course, Kinoma Play is also the best way to to play the music, video, pictures, podcasts, panoramas and audiobooks on your phone.

    It supports all popular formats, including MP3, MPEG-4 (MPEG-4 Video SP, H.264/AVC, AAC/aacPlus/aacPlus v2), 3GPP (same as MPEG-4), Flash Video (YouTube compatible), QuickTime Movie (same as MPEG-4), Windows Media 9 (WMV9, WMA9), JPEG and PNG.