Remoteus product family is the tool for providing productive computer support through firewalls to complicated network environments. All Remoteus versions include control of the remote computer. Remoteus Click is the basic version, providing the most important features with great cost-benefit ratio. Doubleclick includes all features from Click plus enhanced productivity features such as invoicing over the internet and inventory of the remote computer. Remoteus Enterprise is the choice of full scale, efficient support organizations.
Version:   2008

Remoteus Upgrades & Updates
Updating and upgrading your Remoteus license.
Remoteus Enterprise
Remoteus Enterprise is the right version for full-scale, professional computer support. The Enterprise provides unique productivity features and full access to even unmanned computers. With Remoteus Enterprise you can e.g. automate remote server monitoring. Please note that Remoteus Enterprise is always tailored according to your requirements and the stated price is not exact. The price should be viewed as a rough estimate of the total price. Please request for a quote.
Unit Price:   USD 1,300.00 
Total:   USD 1,300.00
 Info plus 0% sales tax/VAT to USD 1,300.00: USD 0.00
USD 1,300.00
Version:   2010
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Remoteus Doubleclick
Remoteus Doubleclick is the bigger brother of Remoteus Click; Doubleclick includes everything from Remoteus Click plus more. The Doubleclick provides enhanced productivity, invoicing over internet and two-way access to computer (you can show your own screen to the remote user).
Unit Price:   USD 585.00 
Total:   USD 585.00
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USD 585.00
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Remoteus Click
Remoteus Click is the right tool when all you need is the access and control of a remote computer. With Remoteus Click you can improve customer satisfaction and service speed with a superb cost-benefit ratio.
Unit Price:   USD 395.00 
Total:   USD 395.00
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USD 395.00
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