1st Conference on CO2 as feedstock 2012 proceedings (PDF)
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25 presentations of the Conference on CO2 as feedstock for polymers and chemistry: nova-Institute GmbH organized a full two-day conference (10-11 October 2012, Haus der Technik, Essen, Germany) which allowed the world’s leading universities and companies in the field of CO2 capture, purification and derived polymers, products and fuels to present and discuss their latest developments and outline their vision for the full-scale implementation of a CO2 economy: http://www.co2-chemistry.eu The topics are: Session I: CO2 economy – Vision, drivers and framework Session II: CO2 purification and technical preparation Session III: CO2 as carbon source for innovative chemistry Session IV: CO2 fixation for polymer synthesis Session V: Innovative fermentation strategies using CO2 as carbon source Session VI: CO2 reduction as starting point for renewable and sustainable fuels