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The Pixela-1.com Customer Care Center is powered by Element 5. Element 5 e-sales provides order processing and support in 11 languages. Global payment options include major credit and debit cards, wire transfer, check and cash.



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Customer Care Center 
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Top Questions
1. Who should I contact with technical questions about a product?
2. "My Account" - What data can I find here?
3. User ID and password - How can I get my data?
4. When will I receive my product to be delivered by e-mail?
5. When will I receive my product to be delivered by postal mail or parcel service?
6. What exactly will I receive if the product is delivered by e-mail?
7. Who should I contact with questions about my order, payment, or delivery?
8. Can I use my free e-mail address?
9. Can I enter different addresses for billing and delivery?
10. How secure is the order process?
Customer service
Information on downloading a software product
'My Account'
Data protection and data security
Software Passport


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